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Gamma Scale
Projectile Darts
The Protector
Magnetic Storm


Release date: 26.05.2023


2023 Repress

The reissue of classic and seminal releases from the Tresor catalogue comes round to Waveform Transmission Vol. 2 by The Vision aka Robert Hood which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.
Released in the same year he left UR and his hometown of Detroit, Waveform Transmission Vol. 2 represents a pivotal moment in Hood’s career as his move to New York with fellow UR co-founder Je Mills led to Hood experimenting with a new work ethos through which he settled on his trademark sound.
Fast, aurally assaulting, yet funky - the release is techno as eective as it can possibly be; in this version, remastered by Thomas P. Heckmann, we see the first results of his transmutation as Hood manipulates the raw sounds he would soon distil into seminal works like Internal Empire and Minimal Nation.
Ever philosophical and spiritual, in the sleeve notes for the release Hood dedicated the release “to the form of simplicity, the reasoning of vision, the understanding of where we came from and how we got here and to the perspective we use to construct over destiny” - words which from our early 2020s vantage point almost foresee the influence this intuitive work would have on artists working from Birmingham to Berlin and beyond over the next three decades.



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