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No Exit


Release date: 20.07.2021 / Repress


Luke Slater's most well known pseudonym Planetary Assault S
systems is back in the fullest swing with 'No Exit', a standalone EP following his famed 'Deep Heat' installment series. 'No Exit' unmistakably bears all the hallmarks of Planetary Assault System, from mind-tripping and floor-stirring hypnotic energy to the theme of pushing the outer limits of unknown territories.

The EP kicks off with the title track, at its first breath of rolling beat already infusing an ample dose of psychedelic madness, which only to be intensified with the layers of digital chime tones that are constantly multiplying and shape-shifting. "Undertow" on the B side continues with the signature warping and reverberating bells and bleeps but this time with enticing hi-hats and distorted bass, gradually all melting into one big sinister groove. The last track of the EP "Nanendi" might fool you in the beginning with its minimalistic beat, but as soon as the demure yet ominous veil of melody - beautifully moody and almost spooky at times - starts humming and howling, it's well on its way to make a deep, haunting emotional connection while keeps the tension boiling.

Without a doubt 'No Exit' EP is the one that shows the most distinctive core DNA of Planetary Assault Systems and much like his seminal album The Messenger, it's a deadly unique, dazzling, and powerfully effective work that will stand the test of time.




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