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Café Del Mar (Three ’N’ One Radio Edit)
Nalin & Kane Remix Radio Edit


Release date: 24.11.2021 / 7" vinyl


Bonzai Classics is proud to present the seminal Balearic classic, Café Del Mar from Energy 52 aka Kid Paul and Cosmic Baby. We first snapped this beauty up in 1996, bringing you the first two tracks from 1993 on 12” and housed in our vibrant yellow Bonzai branding. Known for its infectious melody, there have been countless remixes over the years which have charted in territories all over the world, winning awards left, right and centre. But two of the most recognisable interpretations, which fed into the hearts of millions, are the remixes from Nalin & Kane and Three ‘N One. This latest 7” vinyl collectors edition features radio edits of both tracks and will no doubt be a much sought-after piece in the collector’s fraternity.

The Nalin & Kane Remix takes us on a deeper trance journey, raiding the senses with warm, calming pads before lush basses come through and ultimately that famous, instantly recognisable melody. On the Three ‘N One Remix we’re treated to a masterclass in remixing, taking the track to the next level with driving percussions, mesmerizing melody and a full-on emotive break which results in a hair-raising climax.




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