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Jawdan's Dream
Age of Innocence
Full of Forrest
Cyborg Heart
Everything Possible
Monochromatic World
The ghost in my head


Release date: 27.01.2020 


Spanning 13 tracks, “Monochromatic World” is a wonderfully composed and arranged journey through the mind of Athen’s based producer, Nick Devon. Ranging from surreal atmospheric soundscapes to brooding club bangers, the album serves up an honest and emotional journey; step into “Monochromatic World”.

Opening the album is ‘Interlude”. A great starting track with mystical vocals, and a winding arrangement. Leading into the next track is “Jawdan’s Dream”. A chord evolving tune that gives rise and shape to an alternate sense of reality. Next up is, “Dimensions”, bringing Nick’s effortless percussion work front and center. “Hypnosis” follows with its earthshaking kick and rumbling baseline. Next is “Age of Innocence”, a haunting yet beautiful tune that conveys an innocent sense of wonderment. “Atlas” serves as a great album middle point and keeps the energy alive and well. “Full Of Forrest” has a classic progressive quality to it whilst remaining current. “Cyborg Heart” is proper tension builder with muted bass lines and lightly modulated leads. “Everything Possible” delivers an immensely deep and subtle energy. Beginning to round out the album is “Distance”, with an almost familiar hook that captures the album in so many ways but still delivering a uniqueness unto itself. The deep shuffled percussion and ethereal pads makes “Distance” a standout tune. Next is the album’s title track itself, “Monochromatic World”. Nick delivers a more techno forward sound along with shimmering crystalized pads that reach the upper harmonics. Second to last on the album is “Ghost In My Head”. Stripped back and beat broken, this exhibits Nick’s range and ability to create diverse atmospheres. Last on this momentous album is “Sunbeam”, a positive and glimmering ray of light with a proper sense of finality. A perfect closer.

Whether this album lives on your home stereo or in your record bag, everyone listening is guaranteed to be swept away into Nick Devon’s “Monochromatic World”.




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