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Inner Sky
Inner Sky (Stephan Jolk Remix)
Mistakes feat. Alex Clare


Release date: 05.07.2021


Jos & Eli return for their second outing on Watergate with esteemed vocalist Alex Clare, as they follow up last year’s outstanding Mozar EP. The Israeli pair possess a distinct sound signature, crafting beautiful dancefloor creations, imbued with chunky percussion and sonic inflections from their homeland. ‘Mayhem’ EP sees them at their beguiling best. ‘Inner Sky’ is characterised by flowering synths that bloom and recede in giddying formations, backed up with a heady array of noises which buzz in the background, all the while a steady groove is maintained throughout. Afterlife wunderkind Stephan Jolk is recruited for remixing duties and brings swells of dreamy melody and subtle washes of Balearic to Jos & Eli’s original. A name familiar to many after his single ‘Too Close’ was nominated for a BRIT award in 2011, Alex Clare blesses the EP with his vocals on ‘Mistake’. Driven by a gutsy guitar-driven bottom end that gives the composition a distinct Americana vibe, it’s a cut big on vibes that’s begging to be played at a dusty festival as the sun sets over the horizon. The title track ‘Mayhem’ rounds out the four-track package, a persistent synapse-tickling synth driving the track throughout.




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