Richie Hawtin - Concept 1 96 : 12 3x12" - 96:12 | From Our Minds

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a1 96:01 01:00
b1 96:02 03:00
b2 96:10 20:00
c1 96:06 11:00
d1 96:04 08:00
d2 96:07 13:00
e1 96:11 21:00
f1 96:05 09:00
f2 96:12 00:00


Release date: 02.08.2021 // Originally released in 1996 // Eco-Friendly Vinyl produced by Deepgrooves

"This release marked a real shift in my production style in 1996, and was the start of a significant chapter in my recording career. Everything was handled independently from design to distribution to a subscription service to accompany it. Concept 1 was recorded in isolation at a time when I was not allowed to enter the USA and with everything going on in the world at this moment, it felt like the right time to finally release this project to a larger audience. Without the year of experimentation around the recording process of Concept 1 in 1995, I would never have gotten to the reduction that I was able to achieve later on the recording style of Plastikman 'Consumed'. In that way this is as an important album for me than any of my Plastikman



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