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Teluric - Chrystal Dreams  
Paulo, Oboe - Eloi
Iuly.b - Vivid
Laboratori Otk, Rufus - Out of the blue

Release date: 26.11.2019  //  Vinyl only


After a long wait Honne Music returns with it’s second release in 12” format, once again a great compilation of very renowned and talented artists, Teluric, Iuly.B and a collaboration between Laboratori Otk with Rufus are the great guests for this record, representing the Honne Music family from the west coast side of Mexico and San Diego (California) Paulo and Oboe raising his hand to the world to demonstrate the level of music that is being made and created on this sides of the planet, so please keep an eye on these guys.

A mixture of styles which makes a solid & varied release, for all tastes, music to relax, music for after hrs and specially music for the dancefloor.

Cover artwork photography by Diego Argüelles.



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