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Release date: 27.04.2020  //  Vinyl only // White vinyl


Glueped is the joint production of the two Romanian artists―Melodie & Teluric. They have merged their musical understandings into a new sound, which combines both mystical harmonies and elemental grooves.

Peren is the third vinyl featuring Glueped, released in April 2020. This vinyl emphasizes the contemporary underground scene vibes while offering a glimpse of the forthcoming sound of Cinetic Art record label.

The sounds of Peren have the capacity to take the listeners on celestial journeys, and also make them feel rooted and present in this world. Its essence is in the frail aspect of time, that can be sensed through music.

Side A debuts with a playful tempo intertwined with a deep and experimental groove. The two tracks bring a melodic touch to modern minimal and give an evolving sense of energy.

Side B has a consistent approach, giving a more solid shape to sound, emphasizing dreamy waves of music.



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