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Joyhauser Remix  
Remastered 2000 remake  


Release date: 19.12.2020 


One of the biggest trance hits of the new millennium gets a 2020 makeover and a fresh squeeze on hot wax. Push – Strange World is given the remix treatment by Belgian dynamic techno duo Joyhauser, alongside the anthemic 2000 Remake. What can you say about M.I.K.E. / Push, the guy is a legend, a musical genius having crafted countless tracks under several guises, and he is still going as strong as ever today. Taken from the album, From Beyond, Strange World really hit the big time in clubs and festivals thanks to its soaring melodies and euphoric climax. It spawned a swathe of remixes and reissues over the years and no wonder it raises its head once again. Joyhauser are Joris Cielen and Stijn Vanspauwen, a techno outfit from Bilzen BE. They share a deep passion for electronic music and have been smashing dancefloors since 2017. Their sound is a hybrid collection of genres, creating unique flavours which grabs attention from all quarters. They’ve played all over the world and to date they continue to perfect their sound, releasing quality music with devastating effect.

The Joyhauser Remix adds a thundering techno vibe to the original sound. Huge, powerful, arena style kick drums lead the way alongside crispy hi hats that slice through the murky basses. That distinctive, highly infectious melody seeps through, building us up the break where the main hook comes to life before climaxing back to thundering techno mode. Twisting synths and gritty basses greet us on the drop, locking us in for the duration. An absolute stormer of remix that is not to be missed.

Who could forget that legendary riff on the 2000 Remake? A track that captured the imagination of the dance music world, becoming a go to track for many jocks. A hybrid groove that dished out an energy laden vibe with a tech edge on top of an uplifting synth riff that gets the hands in the air. An absolute classic and always a must have in any collection.


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