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Espectro Rojo
Gradiente De Voltaje


Release date: 08.01.2021 // TD Dark red marbled vinyl - essential repress


Number 060 in our catalogue, and we are keeping it tight and sharp. Oscar Mulero is the mind behind this creature, offering three cuts of merciless techno exercises both physically and digitally.

Opening track is "Tormenta", Storm in spanish, a fast paced groove with almost all elements up from the very beginning. Wisely distorted drums, continuous filtered sequences, a sharp elastic line running and mutating across the structure. Direct and mental at the time.

"Espectro Rojo", Red spectrum translated begins with obsessive distorted evolving lines, shuffled hi hats and precise kicks. The stereo field is constantly worked out augmenting the experience exponentially.

"Gradiente de Voltaje" closes the EP, the overall feel is less distorted and more opaque and lo-fi. The liquid filtered bassline is soon joined by distorted hats, alternating patterns and twisting the sounds wisely. No sudden interruptions, no abrupt changes, just the right dose of hypnosis to use as a powerful tool.


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