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Rave on Time
There's no one left to be trust
The World Inside
Common Era

  +  Vinyl only track: War ist sie dann 


Release date: 23.10.2020


Belgian tastemaker Charlotte de Witte returns to her own KNTXT to serve up the well regarded label's seventh EP. Rave On Time is about reminding us of the joys of being lost on the dance floor and is another hard hitting EP filled with her distinctive techno energy.

Charlotte is at the centre of her own musical movement, with a hard hitting, no frills style. Her powerful grooves, whether solo or in collaboration with the likes of Chris Liebing, come laced with ambient and synth beauty. She has mesmerised crowds all over the world as well as at her own special KNTXT events, and has been as creative as ever during lockdown, as this new EP shows.

Says the artist herself of this latest offering, "Rave On Time. Three words that probably have never been more relevant. In a time where raving feels like a distant memory, it seems increasingly important to bring music back in our lives, in reverse. Let's not forget where we came from and let's not lose hope. We'll be together again soon. Rave On Time."

Opener Rave On Time is built on hammering, distorted kicks that bend you to their whim. Freaky vocals and monstrous hits add extra pressure and ensure you stay locked before shooting laser synths and retro hoover sounds bring the rave. There's No One Left To Trust keeps up the energy with scintillating synths rattling over rock solid drum programming that never lets up. The World Inside is brain frying material, with serrated synths firing out and growing ever more acid as the groove pounds on. Common Era is brilliant hands in the air acid-trance-techno that froths with energy and flashing strobes. Finally, vinyl only track 'Wahr Ist Sie Dann’ is a distorted, brain melting techno workout with brutalist kicks and vast walls of synths that are hugely powerful.

As ever from de Witte, this is pure, unadulterated club music that makes a gargantuan impact.



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