Belgrade Dance Conference

“ Festival ” 
The Belgrade Dance Conference is the upcoming international club festival for the whole spectrum of electronic genres, with special events over three days in several clubs and venues around the city. 
The festival features the very best DJ’s and artists from Belgrade/ Serbia and South-Eastern European countries like Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Austria plus international Dj guests from The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and more...
BDC is a special platform for promotional activities, interactive presentations, exclusive shows, performances, art and entertainment, which aims to become the largest dance Conference in South/Eastern Europe !
Festival and conference visitors can take part in a range of special events and all kinds of creative activities around the city.

“ Conference ”
The event also offers a full program of daytime conferences, making the BDC the ultimate platform for dialogue and debate in the field of electronic music.
The conference includes BDC gathering in the “ European Center for Culture and Debate GRAD ” Braće Krsmanović 4, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia and Main Dance Event focusing on the most popular styles of today's dance music.
BDC is a platform for producers and musicians and people who want to learn about the possibilities of working in the entertainment industry !

“ Activities ”
BDC's conference activities also include the tech forum, audiovisual forum , producers forum, digital label presentation and more.
Once again to be held in the KC Grad, offering a showcase and conference featuring the very best audiovisual designers
demonstrating their work and taking questions from the audience.










     In ''European Centre for Culture and Debate KC Grad'' in Belgrade,  Brace Krsmanovic 4 on 14th September  (13 to 20 h) will be held the first daily promo "What is on your mind!? " Belgrade Dance Conference. It is open for producers, musicians and all music lovers who want to be informed about the possibilities of working in the entertainment industry. Daily programme is offering a debate with DJ Dexon - conference initiator, owner of InDeep'n'DanceRecords /Netherlands and his guest DJ Danny Jacobsen aka DJ Dassive/Netherlands. D. Jacobsen  will hold a short course in performing capabilities on digital equipment. He will introduce us to Native Instruments S4. The debate will be joining  one of the most famous Serbian DJ's and producers Dejan Milicevic with his studio partners. Visitors will be able to ask questions and discuss about everything that is of their interest.  Graphic works  from internationally renowned events, "What is on your mind!?'' will be at display . VJ during the day and night programme will be in charge of Frouke ten Velden www.frouketenvelden.com, internationally recognized artist. Expect a surprise gifts! The daily programme is free.
     Night programme  in KC Grad (23:00 – 06:00 h) will be BDC promo event  '' What is on your mind!?''.  Headliners of  first BDC night promo event will be: DJ Dexon, vinyl store owner InDeep'n'Dance Records /Netherlands, who will be playing the latest music exclusively from vinyl, which will give a special charm to the whole atmosphere and  Danny Jacobsen aka DJ Dassive / Netherlands artist and organizer of events. Following performances will be by the best DJs in Belgrade  Aleksandar Antrax Dimitrijevic, Dejan Milicevic and Lale.  Audience will have an opportunity to see DJ Dassive performing live on equipment of which he will give a short course on  daily programme. Theory in practice. Prepare your dancing shoes! Entrance: 300 RSD***Official after party: Tijuana Svemirska Kafana  06:00 - 11:00. Free entrance.
     BDC initiative came from InDeep'n'DanceRecords from Amsterdam and KC Grad  Belgrade. It is supported by the Government of the Netherlands and Felix Meritis Foundation in Amsterdam.
     Belgrade Dance Conference – The first international conference about the different genres of electronic music. It is a special platform for promotional activities, interactive presentations, exclusive events, performances, art and entertainment. BDC is the ultimate platform for the exchange of dialogue and debate in the field of electronic music. The project has tremendous media coverage in Serbia, the region and internationally. The goal of the night promo event "What is on your mind!? "and the daily programme is the organization of Belgrade Dance Conference - Festival in 2014. as the greatest and most genuine of its kind in South East Europe.
BDC is powered by : www.2ifx.com
For all infomation please contact:
Official After Party  at  " Tijuana Svemirska Kafana " Usce BB - Belgrade, Serbia. Start 06:00 - till late. Entrance is free.